Top Single Pane Window Colors

October 11, 2010

While single pane windows may be most commonly associated with older homes, the fact is they still offer some advantages over more modern alternatives. Adding a touch of color can further enhance these advantages.

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Comparing Single Pane Windows with Other Options

Today's homes are generally built with double- or triple-glazed windows, and may also featured gas-filled interiors. These are more energy-efficient, but even so, single pane windows have some advantages. They offer a clearer view of the outside world, and let more light into the home. They are also generally less costly than their multi-layered counterparts.

Thus, single pane windows are still a viable alternative, especially in moderate climates where energy efficiency is less of a concern. Also, adding a touch of color can help improve the energy efficiency of a single pane window.

Top Single Pane Window Colors

Adding a color tint to single pane windows can reflect or shade exterior light, and thus reduce the amount of heat coming into a home. In warm climates especially, this can help mitigate the energy efficiency issue for single pane windows.

Choosing a glass tint is just one type of choice you have when it comes to single pane window colors. These choices are:

  • Glass color. Top single pane window colors included brown, blue, grey, or black tinted glass, as well as reflective glass. To one extent or another, anyone of these choices can cut down on the heat coming through a window, as well as enhance the privacy of those inside the building.
  • Frame color. White, off-white, earth-tones, or green are among the popular choices for window frames. You may also want a more vivid color that accents the exterior color off your home. For maximum flexibility, choose frames made of paintable materials, and in light colors that will be easy to paint over.

In summary, single pane window colors can be like a fashionable accessory that adds just the right amount of dash to your home.

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