Top Single Pane Window Brands

October 11, 2010

Single pane windows were once standard in existing homes and new home construction. Energy efficient double and triple glazed and low-e gas-filled windows became first a trend and then the norm as energy prices and conservation increased.

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However, you may want to keep your single pane windows. Older windows sometimes have a wavy appearance to the glass, which suits the style of an older home, or your windows may have elegant designs to the glass panes that can't necessarily be duplicated.

If your home has single pane windows, and you want to replace your existing windows with newer single panes (which may be difficult to find) or keep your existing windows, there are still steps you can take to increase your energy efficiency.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Single Pane Windows

Your single pane windows can be sent out for re-glazing. Window specialty companies can reapply glazing to your vintage window glass, so you can keep what you have rather than replacing it. Elegantly designed vintage windows can be tinted to make your single pane windows more energy efficient, or a clear plastic film can be placed on the glass.

If you're handy, you can replace the putty around your window panes for under $20, scraping away the old putty and sealing the windows with new. You can also buy storm windows or have them made for a ballpark of less than $100 per window.

If the top single pane windows brands already installed in your home suitsyou, replacing with hard-to-find single pane windows or rehabilitating what you already have may be the answer.

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