Window Blinds for Single Pane Windows

October 11, 2010

Window blinds for single pane windows can perform double duty, not only blocking out light but also boosting insulation. Here's a look at the window blinds best suited for single pane windows.

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Choosing Window Blinds for Single Pane Windows

Most window blind styles work fine with single pane windows. To find the ideal match, however, keep in mind these unique characteristics of single pane windows:

  • Construction. Single pane windows lack the natural insulating properties of double pane models. You can make up for the deficiency by choosing an insulating window blind. Insulating window blinds block out sun, keep out elements, and can even help block exterior noise. Cellular or honeycomb blinds--particularly double cell varieties--provide an extra layer of protection between the window and room's interior.
  • Style. Lacking the insulating properties of modern windows, single pane windows tend to favor traditional styles. For a warm and natural look appropriate to a heritage window style, opt for wooden blinds.
  • Casement Installation. Traditional single panes often come in a casement frame style. Since casement windows open with a crank or lever, you might need to find a window blind that allows access to this hardware.

Single pane windows accommodate a wide range of window blind style and installation options. To find the best design complement, take into account the construction and look of your particular windows.

Cost Profile for Single Pane Window Blinds

Cost can shape your design decisions. Window blind pricing varies widely based on material, brand name, and design. Estimates can only offer general guidelines, but you can expect vinyl and aluminum blinds to cost $30 to $100 for a standard-sized (32"X48") window, and wooden blinds to cost anywhere from $100 to $300, depending on the wood quality. Insulated blinds cost around $100 for double-cell varieties.

While most window blinds will work with single pane windows, the best window blinds play up the style of single pane windows while boosting energy efficiency.

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