Window Accessories for Single Pane Windows

October 11, 2010

Many older homes have single pane windows and if your house falls into this category, there are many accessories that can add to the appearance and function of your windows, and you can greatly improve their energy efficiency as well. You may be able to start saving instead of losing energy with your windows and still be able to enjoy their traditional styling and single pane glass.

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Window Accessories for Single Pane Windows and your Old House

Single pane windows have been around for many years, and you can now find just about any type of window accessory for them you can imagine. Window latches, lifts, and handles are available to match the period your windows were made or to help them appear more modern, and they are usually available in numerous finishes such as bright or antique brass to mention a few.

While making your windows more attractive is important, the priority for most homeowners with single pane windows is to help them become a little more energy efficient. A few of the window accessories for single pane windows that fall into this category are:

  • Storm panels..Storm panels can add additional panes of glass to your single pane windows and you can even opt for Low-E coating to help reduce radiant heat intrusion. Storm panels can usually be made for any size single pane windows you may have.
  • Screens..Most single pane windows were made without screens, and companies can now make custom sized insect screens for your windows to allow ventilation on nice days.
  • Sealing kits..Kits are available to help you to seal out the drafts that many single pane windows let in.

Single pane window accessories have a wide price range, but those that help your home become more energy efficient may end up paying for themselves with the energy savings they can provide.

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