How to Clean Single Pane Windows

October 11, 2010

Single pane windows require regular maintenance and specialized care. Unlike double-paned windows, single panes require periodic care to ensure that they maintain their seal against the elements. Protective glazing can be damaged by dirt, dust, or caustic cleaning products, making it important to choose a gentle, non-abrasive cleaner. With the right products, single-pane windows are easy to clean and maintain.

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Tips for How to Clean Single Pane Windows

It's important to clean single-pane windows regularly, as dirt, dust, and cobwebs can damage their integrity and make them less airtight or temperature-proof.

To prevent damaging the windows during cleanings, it's best to avoid any oil- or petroleum-based products. Instead, use an alcohol-based cleaner, which will break down dirt, kill bacteria, and effectively clean window glass. Drying with newspapers is a great way to give windows a clear, streak-free shine, because the chemicals in newsprint break down to add extra sparkle without smears or marks.

Cleaning Upper Level Windows

If you're cleaning the windows yourself, it's important to know your limits. Higher windows may look like an easy enough task from the ground, but hundreds of people are injured each year in falls from ladders. Exercise caution and know when a job is too big to tackle yourself. If possible, always enlist someone to stabilize your ladder and watch for any hazards you might have missed.

With the right supplies and a safety-minded approach, it's easy for just about anyone to achieve a sparkling, streak-free surface when cleaning single pane windows.

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