The Right Window Frame for Your Replacement Windows

August 31, 2010

Knowing how you want replacement windows to perform is an important step in selecting new windows. Window frame materials include aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl and wood. You can also find combination frames such as vinyl clad wood.

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Window Frame Choices: Carefree or Classic?

Here are benefits and drawbacks for popular window frame materials:

  • Aluminum: These were popular replacements for wooden windows in the 1960'ss and 70's. Aluminum windows are pest free, require no paint, but can corrode in some climates. They lend "cold" appearance to your windows, but can be a good choice for contemporary or industrial home styles.
  • Fiberglass: Never mind the itchy pink stuff your parents used for home insulation. Fiberglass window frames are easy to maintain, easily withstand a variety of weather and climate conditions, and can be painted to suit interior and exterior decor.
  • Vinyl: These are the white wide-framed windows frequently used in new construction and for replacement windows. Vinyl is durable, easy to clean, and available in a wide variety of window shapes and sizes.
  • Wood: Wood is the traditional choice for custom homes, historic home renovations and new homes with traditional architecture. Although wood offers beautiful natural texture and grain, it can also be host to termites, dry rot, and other problems. Wood can warp and requires periodic refinishing to preserve its beauty. Although wood require more care and can be costly, the beauty of wood window frame styles can be worth the extra investment of care and cost.

Shop online and visit window dealers before selecting new windows; you can learn more about window frame materials and how they work with window glass to provide the right replacement windows for your home.

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