Common Plastic Window Sizes

October 11, 2010

Consumers looking for common plastic windows sizes are probably going to be disappointed. Plastic windows are seldom used in spaces traditionally filled by glass windows and as a result, there are no common plastic windows sizes to choose from.

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Common plastic window sizes are typically related to a special function in homes and buildings and to provide visibility, protection and transparency. The needs of the home or business owner determine the size and configuration of the windows.

Common plastic Windows Sizes and Uses

If there are common plastic windows sizes, they're found in the kits for a variety of projects produced by manufacturers. Greenhouses illustrate common examples of plastic windows designed to fit the support structure and form a tight, weather-proof fit. As a general rule the users of plastic windows have to purchase windows customized to their specific needs and desires.

Windows constructed mainly of plastic can be used in many applications:

  • Skylights
  • Drop-ceilings
  • Exterior window coverings
  • Fence panels
  • Stairway and elevator enclosures
  • Greenhouses and solar energy collectors
  • Porch enclosures

Customized plastic window sizes

Cut to order plastic windows are used on the same types of structures or in other creative ways but with differing specifications. The use of plastic windows in standard sizes and kits relate to only part of the market that window manufacturers seek to capture. Many projects are owner-designed and require non-standardized window or panel sizes. For an extra cost manufacturers are generally willing to fulfill these needs, and in some cases can engineer other customized features into the windows. Adding or deleting UV protection, insulation, color, and a host of other select features add to the overall cost but can help guarantee the windows and panels will appear and function as needed.

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