Window Shades for Plastic Windows

October 11, 2010

Plastic windows are popular for ease of care and energy efficiency. Installing window shades can be troublesome if your windows cannot accommodate the installation method you want to use. Depending on the configuration and size of your windows, you can install window blinds inside the window frames, outside the window frames, or from the ceiling. Here are some suggestions for selecting and installing window shades for plastic windows:

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  • Window structure. Plastic windows may not accommodate the "inside" method of installing window blinds; inspect your windows and determine how you'll need to install window blinds before shopping for your blinds.
  • Window manufacturer warranty. Your warranty could be jeopardized if you alter the original structure of your windows. Review your warranty before deciding how to install your window blinds.
  • Privacy. You can choose a window shade with "blackout" capability. If privacy is your first priority, selecting roman shades constructed of heavier material can work, or if you strictly want a functional window blind, your can have traditional vinyl blinds cut to order.
  • Managing light and heat. Honeycomb shades, so called because they resemble honey comb when viewed from the side, filter sunlight and provide muted light. The construction of honeycomb shades insulates your windows and keeps heat or cold from penetrating into your home or escaping from it.
  • Decorative accent. Plastic windows may not accommodate ornate or "heavy" window blinds; their austere styling and sleek, unfinished surface goes well with simple styles and clean lines.

Inspecting your windows and contemplating how window blinds may enhance your home's appearance and comfort can assist with choosing the right windows shades for your plastic windows.

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