Top Plastic Window Colors

October 18, 2010

Plastic or vinyl windows are extremely popular, first, because of their tremendous energy efficiency, and second because of their affordability and the minimal maintenance they require. Unlike wood windows, which need to be repainted frequently to keep them in tip-top shape, there's no regular upkeep required for plastic windows, other than the occasional cleaning. But because painting isn't necessary for plastic windows, the color you order is also the color you'll most likely have until you replace the windows many years in the future. That said, painting is a possibility, but requires plenty of prep work for quality results. Because traditional colors like white and off-white can work with most color schemes, these are the top plastic windows colors.

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Plastic Window Colors: From Traditional and Beyond

White or off-white plastic window colors can look terrific with most home designs, and depending on the style of the window, can have either a very traditional or a very modern appeal. As vinyl or plastic windows become more and more popular, however, the demand for a greater range of colors has increased. This means that nowadays plastic window colors have expanded beyond white and other neutrals to include colors like brick red, black, hunter green, desert sand, architectural bronze, and even woodgrain. While the top plastic windows colors have expanded beyond white and neutrals, the most popular plastic windows are still fairly traditional colors. But if you're not exactly the traditional type, the good news is that custom-colored plastic windows are now available. So the real answer to the question "What colors do plastic windows come in?" is "What color would you like?"

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