Top Plastic Window Brands

October 11, 2010

Most homes and businesses today are built or remodeled to feature Low E thermal energy-efficient windows, or double- or triple-glazed windows. Energy efficiency is key. Before you replace your windows or choose windows for your new home, it's important to understand some of the energy savings available. Plastic windows (also PVC or vinyl) refer to the frame surrounding your window and can lead to significant energy savings. Plastic windows come in ABS (a composite plastic used to make car bodies) and vinyl (PVC), and like most things plastic, they require very little maintenance.

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Plastic windows are a popular choice for homeowners. With glazed glass offering a lower U-factor (U-factor is a measure of the heat transfer--hot air coming into the house in summer and warm air escaping in the winter--and a high-performance plastic windows frame, you can save money.

SeriousWindows™ 600 series plastic windows offer awning, double casement, sliding and double hung windows featuring SeriousGlass 10 PowerQ which blocks 99.7 percent of the sun's UV radiation. Polyisobutylene (PIB) and polyurethane frames provide secure, watertight seals.

Atrium® Windows and Doors offers a full line of vinyl or plastic windows, including sliders, single and double hung, picture windows and custom shapes.

Top plastic window brands can offer you a full range of window designs, as well as frame colors, in easy-to-care-for, low-maintenance, high-durability plastic. The cost may be higher upfront than the cost for aluminum or wood frame windows, but the additional energy savings should even out the cost over the lifetime of the windows.

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