Window Accessories for Plastic Windows

October 11, 2010

Plastic replacement windows can be an economical way to upgrade the energy efficiency of your home, but don't think you're going to be limited in available accessories just because you're choosing budget friendly windows. Plastic windows have a wide array of accessories to choose from, and in some cases you may find that they offer more options than wood or fiberglass units.

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Window Accessories for Plastic Windows in your Home

Window accessories for plastic windows generally aid function and installation or add to their appearance. Sill guards and flashing kits can be purchased to help prevent future water leaks from your plastic windows. A sill guard is a tray your window is installed in that can discourage water from leaking at the window bottom, and flashing kits can give you added protection from leaks at the sides and top of the plastic windows.

Window accessories for plastic windows that allow you to customize the windows to fit the decor of your home include such options as:

  • Between pane grids. Grids for plastic windows installed between the glass panes give your home a traditional look but cleaning can go much quicker without grids to remove and potentially break.
  • Pre-finished interior trim. Some window companies offer pre-finished interior trim for their plastic windows that never needs to be painted or stained. The trim is usually available in various finishes, profiles, and sizes.
  • Grid options. You may be able to choose from various window grid patterns for your plastic windows and in some cases can even pick a profile. These types of window grids usually snap in and out of your plastic windows rather than fitting between the panes.

Most window accessories for plastic windows are as reasonably priced as the windows, and you may find that upgrading your home's energy efficiency might cost a lot less than you think.

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