Window Pane Replacement: Eight Reasons to Consider New Window Panes

August 19, 2010

Here are eight reasons to consider window pane replacement, even if your window frames are sound:

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  1. Your old window panes are single, raising your energy bills and making your home uncomfortable.
  2. Your window panes are cracked, chipped, or etched.
  3. The caulking is so corroded, you need major repairs.
  4. You need more privacy.
  5. You live in a high-wind area, and flying debris is a danger.
  6. You want to take advantage of ENERGY STAR rebates on replacement windows.
  7. Your existing multi-pane windows are old and leak in between the panes.
  8. You'd like controllable blinds in between your window panes for light control and easy maintenance.

Fortunately, you can find new technologies to solve all of the above problems. Let's address them one by one:

  1. Thermal inefficiency: Double pane, triple pane, and gas-filled windows can greatly improve the resistance to thermal conductivity. This will lower your energy bills and reduce discomfort from home temperature swings.
  2. Heat loss and gain from air infiltration: Cracked windows create direct air access in and out of your home--they're also unsightly. If you can't replace window panes in the whole house, at least, get window pane replacements for all windows in the room or on the same side of the house. Budget a yearly amount for window pane replacement until all sides of the house are complete. Or, do the biggest windows first.
  3. Caulking issues: If your window pane caulking is dry, brittle, and missing chunks, it's susceptible to mold, rot, condensation, and high wind damage. Since repairing your window pane is a major job, rethink what new glass replacement windows can mean to the efficiency and appearance of your home.
  4. Privacy: Window panes with a reflective coating can increase privacy.
  5. Shatter-resistance: Exterior coatings or interior membranes hold broken glass in place. Heavy-duty frames are necessary for interior membrane replacement windows. Many windows are wind rated.
  6. Rebates: Check with your glass and window supplier for ENERGY STAR rated replacement windows.
  7. Leaks between window panes: Window seal life varies with climate and window direction. Even multi-pane glass eventually leaks. Window pane replacement can create a new lease on window life.
  8. Eliminate cleaning blinds: Glass replacement windows with remote-operated controls eliminate window blind cleaning while controlling light, privacy, and thermal transfer.

It's surprising how new window panes and fresh caulking can spruce up the appearance and performance of your home. Talk with glass and window specialists at home supply retailers or local glass contractors. With new window panes, you can enjoy a brighter outlook!

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