New Vinyl Windows for Your Home

July 20, 2010

When it comes to the various choices for new windows - wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum - vinyl is a superb option. It has numerous advantages and because it does, it is highly popular.

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New Vinyl Window Advantages

This type of windows withstands the elements and helps maintain a moderate temperature in your home. It retains heat in the winter and seals your home from heat in the summer.

Whereas new vinyl windows are of high quality, they are economical to manufacture, purchase, and install. They cost a fraction of what custom wood windows do. Multiple grades are sold so you can find the one that best suits your budget. While initial window costs may be higher for energy-efficient windows, in the long run, they reduce your overall energy costs. Vinyl windows are made from a plastic called polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that has a high R-value, which means it insulates well.

Vinyl Window Styles

So many looks are available in vinyl windows that you can find ones to match nearly any possible architectural style. They are stunning in any and every application, both inside and out. The styles are varied, too, and include single- and double-hung, single and double sliders, casement, awning, bow, bay, garden, picture, tilt-in, and more. You may embellish your windows with grills, or grids, in various patterns, to help achieve a specific look, from traditional to contemporary. Some vinyl window designs include shiny, matte, or faux-wood grain finishes. Other options you have are how your new windows open, the width of the sill or trim, the number of panes, and the type of locking mechanism.

These durable windows resist dirt, stains, mold, scratches, and dents. Maintenance is not required after window installation. Unlike wood windows, for example, that may require painting, sanding, or touching up, all they need is an occasional cleaning. Because of their design and engineering, these windows only require an occasional hosing down and washing of the glass.

Because your new vinyl windows will last a long time, they will add value to your home for years to come.

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