How to Install Glazed Windows

October 11, 2010

If you're considering installing glazed windows, you probably have some do-it-yourself experience and are interested in saving a few hundred dollars in contracting costs. Follow this quick "how-to" guide for a just right install.

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1. Fit the Glazed Windows

Fit the glazed windows into the precut frame. This is where you'll want an extra hand to assist you in maneuvering the unit. Also, make sure to tape a large "X" on both sides of the glass for safety purposes.

2. Spray Foam the Glazed Windows Opening

Spray foam around the window to eliminate wind drafts once the double glazed windows are in position. A high-density, low-expanding foam is preferred over industrial strength foaming agents.

3. Secure the Glazed Windows Framework

The glazed window's frame and brickwork should be fixed with brass screws. Be sure you don't over tighten the screws here in case your measurements are off or you have to replace the glazed windows.

4. Secure the Glazed Windows into the Frame

Use a number 10 mason master drill bit, red plugs and number 10 screws to secure the glazed windows into the frames. Use two screws on each side into a depth of 50mm.

5. Trim Any Excess Foam and Seal

After securing the screws, use a putty knife to trim off the excess foam in the frame, and then seal the frame on both sides. Check to ensure a tight fit.

Each unit should take no more than a couple of hours to complete provided you have the materials on-hand . Again, plan to have someone assist you in handling the glazed windows to prevent breaking the glass or warping the frame.

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