Top Glazed Window Colors

October 18, 2010

Tightly sealed windows keep your home from losing warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer. If you have older-style single pane windows, refreshing the glaze on your windows is one of the best ways to keep that seal tight. While "glaze" sounds like it might be a substance you apply over the entirety of the window pane, in fact, glaze is a putty-like substance that you press around the edges of the glass, where the glass meets the window pane.

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Color Options for Glazed Windows

The top glazed windows colors correspond with the top window frame colors, with white and other neutrals being the most popular. The actual window glaze itself is usually white, taupe, or putty-colored, but the color of the glaze you use doesn't matter since you'll need to paint it after it dries to seal the windows properly.

While glazed window colors are often traditional and neutral, because you're painting the glaze, there's no reason you need to be limited to the typical top glazed windows colors. Single pane windows (the best candidates for glazing) are often found in historic homes, so you may also want to consider historic colors, such as black. You could also consider brightening up an older home with fresh and stylish glazed window colors like red or yellow. Because glaze can be painted any color, with glazed windows, the choice is yours.

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