Window Blinds for Glazed Windows

October 11, 2010

The right window blinds for glazed windows depends on the type of glazing. While most glazed windows, except most blinds, some blinds are ideally suited for a particular window glazing style.

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Trends in Window Blinds for Glazed Windows

The following trends work well for glazed windows:

  • Between-pane blinds. Triple and double-glazed windows feature two or three panes of glass within a single window frame. The design offers superior insulation and noise abatement--and is perfectly suited for between-pane blinds. This new trend in window blinds incorporates the blind or shade into the window frame, between two panes of glass. Protected by the glazing, the blinds do not collect dust or allergens, reducing the need for maintenance.
  • Translucent blinds. Glazed windows often come with a UV or tinted coating to reduce heat and light transfer through the glass. Since the glazing already does some of the work of the window blinds, you can choose a lighter blind. Paper and fabric shades, for example, give a softer look than aluminum blinds, and may shut out enough light when combined with tinted glazing.
  • Wall-mounted hanging blinds. Glazed windows with several panes of glass can take up much of the window frame, leaving little header available for attaching hanging blinds. A solution is to install hanging blinds on either the wall or ceiling above the window.

To make the most of glazed window innovations, choose the window blinds that best fits the window glazing type.

Cost Considerations for Glazed-Window Blinds

The cost of window blinds for glazed windows varies widely. The traditional aluminum or vinyl hanging variety remains the best value, offering durability and low cost. Cost estimates range from $30 to $100 for a standard-size window, depending on the brand name and design features. Between-pane blinds generally cost $200 or more per window, but they last a long time and boast a streamlined function.

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