Window Accessories for Glazed Windows

October 11, 2010

Many homeowners choose glazed windows for replacement windows in their home not only because of their ability to save energy, but also due to the extensive accessories available that allow the windows to be customized to fit their house. Glazed windows are built in many different styles such as double and single-hung, casement, and awing to name a few, and each style has a complete array of accessories and glass types that can complement the decor of your home or allow you to head in a completely new decorating direction.

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Window Accessories for Glazed Windows and your Home

The majority of window accessories for glazed windows allow you to customize the appearance of the windows to fit the personality of you and your home, but there are also accessories that can assist window function in your particular application. A few examples of these types of glazed windows accessories are:

  • Storm panels..Many glazed windows have matching storm panels that can increase their energy efficiency as an option.
  • Extension jambs..Extension jambs allow you to trim your glazed windows regardless of the thickness of your exterior walls.
  • Screens..Insect screens are available for many types of glazed windows and some window companies even allow you to choose the color of your screening.

Appearance accessories for glazed windows can give you the option of having grids in your windows and you may be able to decide if you want them between the glass panes, or removable for easy cleaning. If you like the look of traditional windows, you might be able to choose true divided lites for your window sashes. Hardware options are almost endless when picking window accessories for glazed windows, and in some cases you can even match your window hardware to the door locks on your interior doors and the towel bars in your bathrooms.

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