Top Qualities of Fiberglass Replacement Windows

August 11, 2010

Fiberglass replacement windows generally cost more than vinyl, wood, or aluminum windows, but those who choose them for their homes often tell you that they're more than worth it. Its supporters say that fiberglass is the strongest among all the choices for new windows. And many a fiberglass window contractor or manufacturer will boast about its superior insulating qualities, surpassing those of wood and vinyl.

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According to Old House Web, you should evaluate all the glass and frame materials on the market before selecting new windows. That means you should evaluate the cost of new windows products, their durability, profiles, and energy efficiency ratings. While all products vary, fiberglass replacement windows consistently come out on top of all new windows when it comes to:

  • R-value: the measurement of resistance to heat loss. Owners report a 20- to 40-percent savings in energy costs over other frame materials.
  • Ease of installation: fiberglass replacement windows consistently hold their form throughout the installation process, making them a tight, secure fit.
  • Condensation: fiberglass naturally resists mold, rot, and condensation.
  • Durability and Workmanship: unlike wood and other materials, fiberglass replacement windows won't succumb to bowing or warping.
  • Home Insulation: unlike other frame products, fiberglass typically doesn't alter shape under changing temperatures, offering a snug, consistent fit. Because they're made of glass, they adjust uniformly at the same rate of natural expansion as the glass they frame.

Other Advantages of Fiberglass Replacement Windows

Fiberglass replacement windows are also known for their resistance to glass seal failure, color fading, and structural failure (denting and bowing). Among the choices for new windows, they fare well in a wide range of colors--even dark hues. If you don't find a manufacturer's paint color you like, you can paint the frames yourself to match or complement the color of your home exterior. Fiberglass windows provide upwards of 8 times the strength of PVC materials. Depending on the manufacturer, homeowners can find a nearly endless selection of grid options.

However, even if you select the best-quality new windows, they won't work right unless properly installed by a qualified window contractor. Installed according to manufacturer's specifications, some models carry lifetime warranties.

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