How to Repair Double Pane Windows

October 11, 2010

Total Replacement

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Knowing how to repair double pane windows can be as simple as repairing the single pane variety. It's even easier for aluminum frames because you remove and replace the old unit. Screws at two corners hold the unit in place. You remove them, the frame, and finally the insulating gasket. You then put the gasket back onto the new unit and reattach the frame.

With vinyl or wood, you must remove putty or sealant along with the glazing points. Remove the glass assembly, thoroughly clean the opening, lay down the putty/sealant base, lay in the sealed unit, and insert glazing points. Carefully/artfully apply putty or sealant, and clean up.

Partial Replacement

If one pane is broken, it's possible but challenging to replace it because its partner could be damaged in the process. Totally remove broken glass and prime and insert a new pane. There's really no margin for error. Any fingerprint or smudge on the inside surfaces becomes permanent so cleanliness is extremely important. The gap is no longer free of outside air although there are companies that offer to install filters to keep the panes fog-free.

Professional Help

For all the techniques discussed, you should be in close touch with a professional company so you can buy your double pane windows, obtain the proper tools for doing it yourself, and receive advice on exactly how to repair double pane windows. Plus, you want an expert service to come in and fix it if anything goes wrong.

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