3 surprising features of double pane windows

January 07, 2012

You probably know that double pane windows can do a much better job of insulating your home than those old single-paned units, but if you're getting ready to upgrade, what features should you look for? Is one brand better than another? You might be surprised at the numerous options to consider on the many models and what features the experts suggest are important.

3 considerations for choosing double pane windows

A typical homeowner might purchase replacement windows once or twice in their life, but general contractors buy windows for their homes under construction on a regular basis. Cost is almost always a consideration when there is a budget involved, but what other factors does a home-builder consider to be important when selecting replacement windows for their projects? A professional construction manager who has built hundreds of homes over the past 25 years offered these recommendations:

  1. Curb appeal--Most double pane windows can do a pretty good job of improving the energy efficiency of your home--especially when upgrading from older single pane models, but choosing replacement windows that complement the interior and exterior appearance of your home can improve the house's curb appeal and could even help it sell in the future.
  2. Easy maintenance--Most people consider energy savings and cosmetics when choosing double pane windows for home replacement, but don't forget you're going to be cleaning your new windows for many years. Choose windows with easy-maintenance features such as tilt-in sashes and grills between the panes.
  3. Customer service--Hopefully your new windows remain trouble-free for many years, but if you ever need parts or a few matching windows for a home addition or remodeling project, is the manufacturer still going to be in business? Purchasing your replacement windows from a company with a long history in the industry can mean they may still be around when you need their assistance--Andersen Windows, Marvin Windows, WeatherShield Windows and Pella Windows are just a few examples of manufacturers that have been building high-quality products for decades.

Of course, energy efficiency is important and, more than likely, the primary reason for upgrading from your existing windows. Look for replacements that feature an Energy Star-rating to achieve the ultimate in energy savings. Just about every major manufacturer offers replacement double pane windows for home use that have earned this coveted rating.

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