Best double pane windows for historic homes

January 05, 2012

Have you been putting off replacing the old single pane windows in your home due to the repairs and associated costs that can often be involved? Energy-efficient double pane windows can lower your heating and cooling bills, but is the upgrade worth risking possible damage to your custom, interior window trim and aged, brick veneer?

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Fortunately you don't have to choose between keeping inefficient windows or damaging your historic home. Replacement double pane windows for home use include those that slide right into your existing window frames without disturbing the trim or exterior siding at all.

Double pane inserts can minimize repairs

It can be difficult, if not impossible, to patch brick or stone that has been on a house for decades. The same can be true with older window trim that may have been made in a mill-work shop that's no longer in business--some designs can be very tough for modern carpenters to replicate.

If you own an older home, you already know this. So do many window manufacturers who realize homeowners with single pane windows want modern, energy-efficient, window technology, but don't want to damage other components of what may be a very old home. They offer these insert solutions for replacing inefficient windows:

  1. Marvin Ultimate Insert Replacement Windows. Marvin has a well deserved reputation for building high-quality windows. Their Ultimate Insert product lines meet those same lofty standards. You can choose double-hung, awning or casement styles that feature frame-in-frame construction, which allows the replacement unit to slide right into your existing opening. Marvin also specializes in building windows for uniquely-sized openings.
  2. Weather Shield Pocket Frames. Imagine double-pane, replacement windows for your home that offer many of the same features as windows used in high-end custom homes. Weather Shield Pocket Frames can make it a reality. These windows are available with exterior cladding for low maintenance. You can choose from such popular styles as double-hung, casement and awing.
  3. Andersen Insert Replacement Windows. Andersen has one of the most recognizable names in the window industry for a good reason: they build high-quality windows at competitive prices. The company offers replacement insert options in the 400 Series- and 100 Series-model lines. Choose a style that complements your home's design and an interior finish that blends with the decor.

There are quite a few window companies that offer very good insert replacement options, but these are three of the best. Each has a long history of innovations within the industry. If you want to upgrade your existing windows without disturbing the architectural integrity of your home, insert replacements can be an excellent choice.


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