Top Double Pane Window Styles

October 11, 2010

You may know double pane windows can increase your home's energy efficiency, but you're putting off upgrading because you're concerned with how they might fit in with the house's design and unique appearance. You should be able to put those fears to rest as there are double pane window styles and sizes that can look great in any home regardless of age or architectural style.

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Top Double Pane Windows Styles for your Home

Double pane windows can be found in numerous styles and window companies offer almost countless sizes and configurations that can fit just about any existing opening. You can also customize your double pane windows by adding designer hardware, unusual grill patterns, or upgrading their energy efficiency. Some of the top double pane windows styles that you can choose from are:

  • Double-hung: These windows offer a traditional look with two sashes that can be raised or lowered.
  • Single-hung: These are an economical alternative to double-hung windows with an inoperable top sash.
  • Casement: These double pane windows are ideal for tall narrow openings and are hinged on the side to allow easy operation.
  • Awning: If you have a short wide opening, these windows might be a good choice. They are hinged on the top and swing out for great ventilation.
  • Picture windows: These windows come in all sizes and shapes and are fixed panels that can't be opened. They are often used in conjunction with other double pane windows or in areas where you desire a view and natural light, but don't need an operable window.

Most of these top double pane windows styles can be purchased with vinyl, aluminum, or wood frames and their wide price range can fit just about any budget. You may even find that your annual energy savings eventually covers the cost of your new double pane windows.

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