Top Double Pane Window Colors

October 11, 2010

Technological advances in pigmentation have improved double pane window colors dramatically. Not only can you find the perfect shade to match your home's siding or brick, but the hues stay vibrant even after years of wear. Here are the latest double pane window colors available for your conservative and adventurous tastes.

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Basic Double Pane Window Colors

If you're going with painted double pane windows for the very first time, there are several safe shades that match a variety of interior and exterior themes. These basic colors are so diverse that they can survive major color changes without requiring upgrading.

  • White. Crisp, clear white is the perfect accessory shade
  • Canvas. A creamier version of white for that off-look
  • Wood. Choose from pine, oak, or maple

Another advantage to choosing the base colors is that it's easier to keep costs low and stick to a budget. Suppliers keep these colors in stock, so you won't incur costs for special orders or mixes.

Double Pane Window Colors for the Fashionista

If you have a vision for your home that's a bit more daring and contemporary, the following double pane window colors can match that vision. Again, availability and price become factors with these selections, but you'll most likely find the product well-worth it.

  • Sandtone. Slate gray hue that mimics darker concrete
  • Terratone. Rich, deep brown to counterbalance lighter shades
  • Cocoa Bean. Indulgent chocolate warmth for lighter shades

Considering nationwide estimates, you'll most likely pay an average of $300 to $700 per window for replacements placed inside existing and intact frames. That figure could rise or fall even further depending on several unique factors.

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