Window Accessories for Double Pane Windows

October 11, 2010

Double pane windows have become some of the most popular replacement windows used by homeowners these days due to their energy efficiency, and the list of accessories available for them is almost endless. Whether you choose single hung, casement, picture, or any other style of double pane window you should be able to find accessories to help your windows fit the architectural style of your home, match your interior decor, and help make installation easier.

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Window Accessories for Double Pane Windows for all Applications

Window companies realize their products are going to be used in all sorts of homes so accessories are available for many different applications. Exterior wall thicknesses can differ from house to house so you can choose from a couple of standard width window jambs. Most companies offer the ability to order extension jambs to accommodate any custom installation. Some of the more popular accessories for double pane windows can be used to change the windows' appearance such as:

  • Grills..Homeowners can often decide whether they want grills between the glass panes, snap out grills, or no grills at all. Some window companies even offer the opportunity to choose a grill pattern and profile or to have true divided lite sashes.
  • Interior trim..Double pane circle-top, circle, and architectural windows often require interior trim in unique shapes and sizes; it can usually be obtained from window companies in paint or stain grades.
  • Hardware..Just about all double pane windows have hardware for opening and latching the operable sashes; window companies normally have a wide assortment of finish options for you to choose from such as bright brass, antique brass or various pre-finished colors

These are just a few of the many window accessories for double pane windows you have to choose from when replacing the windows in your home, and most are priced to fit any budget.

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