Double Pane Windows Increase Energy Savings

December 29, 2009

Replacing windows can help you save energy while stabilizing your home's climate. Eliminating drafts, heat, and moisture from leaky windows and frames is part of an overall plan for increasing your home's energy efficiency. Double pane windows offer an extra layer of insulation between indoor and outdoor climates. Here are some available features of energy saving double pane windows:

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  • Multiple styles: You can find energy saving windows in styles including casement, double-hung,and horizontal sliding styles including patio sliders.
  • Frame materials: Double pane windows are available in popular materials including wood, vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum.
  • Multiple panes: Double pane windows provide improved curability and additional insulation against weather and sound.
  • Gas fills: Some double pane windows have gasses such as argon or krypton inserted between the panes. These gasses provide better insulation than air.
  • Special glass coatings: Energy saving windows often have glass coated with substances that reflect infrared and ultraviolet rays. This helps in regulating climate and can reduce sunlight damage.
  • Warm edge spacers: These are inserted in the frame between window panes; they rest flush with the frame and don't interfere with the window's appearance or view. Spacers increase insulation by ensuring the proper spacing between panes, and also reduce condensation.

Double pane windows are available in styles compatible with any architectural theme and decor. Low maintenance frames reduce problems with weather damage and termites, but vinyl and fiberglass windows cannot be painted. Selecting features for your double pane windows is contingent on budget, style preference, and regional climate. Retailers and installers can recommend double pane window options appropriate for your needs.

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