How to Clean Double Pane Windows

October 11, 2010

We've all seen them. Those depressing double pane windows with moisture leakage that has caused the inside to fog and become unsightly. If you have windows in trouble, don't despair! Understanding how to clean double pane windows can save you time and money because it prevents future leakage and gets rid of that fogged-up film for good.

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Getting Started

You need a drill and some water to begin the process of repairing your double pane windows. Fill a spray bottle with water or use a watering can with a very small spout because you're going to need to drill an 1/8 inch hole in your window frame, while keeping the drill cool. Start drilling in the top corner of the pane, and add the water as you drill, this keeps the temperature steady. On the opposite corner of the window pane, drill another hole just like the first one.

How to Clean Double Pane Windows

Once you have the holes drilled, its time to evaluate the problem. If its just fogging that is creating the problem when you clean your double pane windows, you can congratulate yourself for a job well done. The holes in the window pane allow the excess moisture to vent out, and your fogging problem should resolve itself in a few days. After which, you want to cover the holes with clear tape, and puncture it with pins to prevent insects from entering, while still allowing for proper ventilation.

If however, there are water stains or other materials creating the problem inside your windows, you need to keep reading.

Removing Water Residue and Stains

To address those stains inside the panes, you need two lengths of plastic tubing small enough to fit through the holes you drilled. Insert one tube into the hole on the bottom pane and secure it with putty. Make sure the tubing reaches inside the window, and that the other end is fixed enough so that it can funnel liquid into a catch. A bucket or large bowl works to catch the liquid you siphon from the bottom of the window.

From the top hole, funnel in your cleaning solution. Specialized glass cleaners or even simple ammonia and water solutions work on most window-related problems. Funnel enough liquid into the top hole to clean the window, while making sure the tubing on the bottom of the window is set up well enough to siphon out excess solution.

Finishing Touches

Once the window is satisfactorily clean, remove the tubing and let it dry for a few days. When the moisture has dissipated, cover the holes with clear packing tape and puncture to keep your windows looking great!

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