How to Clean Clad Windows

October 11, 2010

Cleaning windows is a job many people prefer to postpone, but keeping them clean can improve your view, allow more natural light into your home, and may help prolong the life of your windows. If you're lucky enough to have clad windows, the job might not take long at all, as the aluminum or vinyl on the exterior of the frames can make cleaning a breeze.

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How to Clean Clad Windows on Your House

How long it takes to clean your home's windows is of course going to depend on how many windows you have and whether you have tilt-in sashes. Many modern clad windows have a tilt-in feature that allows you to easily remove the sashes from double-hung and other styles of windows. This permits you to clean both sides of the glass without using a ladder, and the exterior frame can be cleaned by carefully leaning outside and wiping down the cladding. If you don't have this feature, you're probably going to need to use a ladder to clean your second story clad windows. Follow these steps on how to clean your clad windows, and you'll brighten up your home in no time.

  1. Clean the inside and outside frames with a mild detergent and wipe dry with a clean cloth. If your interior frames are wood with a stain finish, you may want to use a wood polish
  2. Wipe down the edges of the sashes where they contact the frames to allow a tight seal when closed
  3. Clean the glass with a commercial glass cleaner or white vinegar and paper towels
  4. While cleaning, inspect each window for any maintenance issues which may need attention

Always be careful when using a ladder and if you aren't comfortable with heights, you may want to hire a professional window cleaner for the exteriors of your clad windows.

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