Window Shades for Clad Windows

October 11, 2010

Clad windows are those with frames, often wood, which have been covered with another material, generally to enhance appearance or to provide protection and lower maintenance. Clad windows may be covered with vinyl or aluminum on the outside, and still keep the attractive look of wood frames on the interior. The right window shades can enhance the aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency of your home.

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Options for Installing Window Shades for Clad Windows

Clad windows are different from other windows primarily in the material used for the frame, whether it's wood and vinyl or wood and aluminum. If you're looking for window shades for clad windows, your choices are wide and include the following:

  • Woven wood shades, also called bamboo or matchstick shades, are casual, attractive, and available in a variety of materials and colors and range in price from roughly $65 to $350 per window.
  • Roman shades (fabric shades) are made of fabric like other draperies and operate with the convenience of a shade.
  • Sheer shades are vertical blinds covered in fabric.

Shades are installed with a mounting assembly inside the window frame, most of which can also be mounted outside the frame.

Roller blinds are another choice to cover your clad windows. Solar screens are a type of roller blind generally made of a synthetic mesh that allows you to determine how opaque you want your shades to be. Solar screens and roller blinds operate from a roller mechanism attached to the inside edges of the window frame.

One other option for window shades for clad windows are cordless between the glass blinds and fabric shades. Set between panes of double paned glass, they provide light control and require little maintenance.

Shades offer increased energy savings for your home and can give your clad windows a clean, finished look.

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