Clad Window Prices and Costs

October 11, 2010

Aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl clad windows each offer their own benefits to builders and homeowners alike. Research clad windows prices and costs to get a better idea of the range of prices you'll find based on manufacturer, materials, and more.

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Researching Clad Windows Prices and Costs

Wood clad windows come in a true range of styles, sizes, and finishes. Among fiberglass windows, prices rise somewhat. Check out some prices as of September, 2010, for fiberglass clad 25" x 35" windows, pulled from different manufactures and based on features of the windows themselves:

  • Low-E glass: $252
  • Fibrex sill and clad sash: $252
  • Foam-filled bulb: $302
  • Low-E Argon-filled: $370

As you can see, the materials and manufacturer can make a big difference in price between different windows. Installation costs also add a significant cost to your windows, with replacement window installation costs at $200-$400 each.

Features like laminated and impact-resistant glass can drive up the cost of the window, as can choosing a high-end manufacturer. Vinyl-clad windows offer a more economical choice than wood, aluminum, and fiberglass, though the material's strength has improved since the old days of easily bent aluminum siding. Vinyl-clad windows start at about $250 for a small window.

Energy Efficient Clad Window Tax Credit

Remember that when installing clad windows, you may be eligible for an energy efficiency tax credit. Meeting energy efficiency standards typically requires using high-end fillers and materials, but the upgrades pay for themselves in financial rewards from the government along with monthly utility bills.

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