Top Clad Window Colors

October 11, 2010

Top clad windows colors are built to your specifications and designed to add the perfect accent to your home's exterior. Enhance your curb appeal with an addition that both protects your window's materials and shows off your unique style.

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Explore Top Clad Windows Colors

Typical clad colors include white, gray, bronze, and brown. These basic colors add a distinct style to your home's façade without creating too strong of a contrast with the rest of your design. Clad window colors can also be found in creamy pastel shades like vanilla, beige, and cashmere, or rich, eye-catching colors like sage, wine, and cobalt blue.

The cladding colors you choose should reflect on your home's overall style. A classic, muted house paint can blend perfectly with a cream or white cladding, while a modern façade can pop with a bright or rich color. Cream-colored walls benefit from cladding accent colors in blues or reds, drawing the viewer's eye across the house.

Trends in Clad Window Colors

Of course, cladding colors aren't just skin deep. You'll also find trends in various cladding materials such as bronze and copper. A copper clad window adds the clean lines and metal sparkle perfect for a home looking to fuse traditional and modern style. Copper patinas with age, adding an authentic greenish tint designed to mature with your home.

The clad window colors you choose are a simple way to add a final accent to your home's exterior. Cladding helps to strengthen and protect your window frames, and colors add a unique touch that's customizable to your design style.

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