Top Clad Window Brands

October 11, 2010

Please note that cladding can cover wood or even metal like aluminum. Aluminum conducts heat and vinyl doesn't, so both remain in vogue. Here are some market leaders:

  • Andersen covers its wood frames with vinyl. Heat conduction is reduced to a minimum and while extreme weather conditions could affect the wood-vinyl bonding, Andersen has a proven track record in honoring their warranty commitments.
  • Pella takes a different approach in that the aluminum cladding is loosely attached to enhance insulation. This can be problematic in extreme heat and humidity but the product is generally sound.
  • Jeld-Wen uses aluminum cladding over a specially-treated wood to give that wood extra endurance qualities.
  • Marvin uses extruded aluminum in its cladding to give extra strength to the window. The cladding adds interior dead space to minimize heat conduction. A special mineral made into a paint-like material can add permanent color to the cladding.
  • Weather Shield rounds out the top clad windows brands. Its clad windows products use extruded aluminum and carry a lower price tag than the others. It's worth a look.

Cladding covers all types of windows so pricing varies too much to be reliably quoted. The companies themselves welcome online inquiries and can locate a dealer or big-box store near you.

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