Window Blinds for Clad Windows

October 11, 2010

Clad windows bring versatility to wooden window frames, expanding your options for window frames. Aluminum or vinyl window casing lends structural stability and introduces infinite style options. Window cladding can enhance the architectural detail of a plain wooden frame, and offers color choices to coordinate with the window blinds or room color.

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Window Blinds for Clad Windows: A World of Options

Nearly any style of window blinds will work well with clad windows. Options include:

  • Aluminum or vinyl blinds. These blinds are not only the most practical and durable, but also offer the widest range of colors. Choose a matching or contrasting shade of window blinds to make a style statement.
  • Wooden blinds. While the metal casing of clad windows protects the wooden window frame from exterior elements, wooden blinds bring back the warmth of natural hues into the home's interior.
  • Between-pane blinds. Clad windows in bold contrasting colors make a modern style statement. Preserve the clean lines by choosing out-of-the-way blinds encased between the window's double panes. Between-pane blinds can be opened and closed using a low-profile slider, eliminating all outer hardware. This style is also hygienic and maintenance-free, preventing dust and allergen buildup.

Installing Window Blinds for Clad Windows

Clad window casings add structural stability to wooden window frames, broadening your installation options. Aluminum-clad window frames can hold the weight of even the heaviest window blind hardware. The durability of the frame allows you to take advantage of some of the heavier window blinds available, such as hardwood blinds.

The cost of window blinds for clad windows varies widely depending on the style and material you choose. While vinyl and aluminum blinds cost about $30 to $100 for a standard-sized window, wooden blinds cost upwards of $100 and between-pane blinds start at $200.

You can't go wrong with window blinds for clad windows--even the heaviest varieties will work with this durable and versatile frame style.

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