Window Accessories for Clad Windows

October 11, 2010

Some window accessory options are determined by the style of the window. Other accessories are available as a matter or installation. Others, still, may be an option through your window manufacturer because of your window's material. Accessories for aluminum windows are typically available, so be sure to check with the manufacturer

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Manufacturers' Window Accessories for Clad Windows

Though the offerings may vary by manufacturer, there is a surprising number of accessories for clad windows. Many of these accessories would only be appropriate for certain window types or styles and some may only be available during installation. Available accessories include:

  • Bay and bow mullion accessories, including mullion covers in multiple sizes and receptor gaskets
  • Installation accessories might include foil-backed installation tape, installation fins, head drip cap, and installation clips
  • Mullion covers and trim
  • Mullion reinforcements, including anchors and end splices
  • Sill flashing
  • Trim, including trim for the sill, jamb, and brickmould for the head and jamb
  • Window screens to let air and light in while keeping bugs out

Some accessories, such as mullion accessories, may be included in the price of your quote on the window. Other installation accessories may be included in the cost of installation, but you should probably make sure.

Other Hardware and Window Accessories for Clad Windows

Both the type, and therefore the price, of the hardware for your clan windows will be determined by the type of window. Double-hung, casement, and sliding window styles all require different types of handles and sash lifts and locks. Many clad window manufacturers will offer hardware that matches their windows.

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