How to Clean Block Glass Windows

October 11, 2010

If your block glass windows are looking particularly grimy, or they're not permitting brilliant natural light through like they did when they were new, the fix is fairly simple. And it's not with expensive, store-bought cleaners like you might suspect. Check out this quick "how-to" and discover the surest way to restore the luster of your block glass windows.

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Block Glass Windows Cleaning Secret: The Grout

The grout surrounding block glass windows is a lot more noticeable than you think. Dirty grout can ruin the aesthetics of pristine glass surfaces. So before you clean the glass blocks themselves, make sure you give the grout surrounding them a thorough cleaning. It's simple to do and the results are remarkable.

  • Use a large-head toothbrush or a smaller bristled brush and a commercial abrasive cleaner
  • Rinse your cleaning tool under warm water and apply some abrasive cleaner to the bristles
  • Give the grout a vigorous scrubbing, paying special attention to any stubborn grime deposits

How to Clean Block Glass Windows: Think Nonabrasive and Homemade

After the grout is sparkling, the glass blocks are next on the agenda. Avoid the urge to buy store glass cleaners. They promise better performance, but rarely ever beat the simplicity of a homemade cleaning solution.

  • Combine warm water and a mild liquid soap in an empty spray bottle-- either use dish-washing liquid or hand soap to get the same great results
  • Spray the cleaning solution directly onto the surface of the glass blocks and wipe down with a nonabrasive washcloth
  • Follow up with a dampened cloth to remove any remaining traces of cleaner

TIP: Dispose of cleaners in an environmentally conscious manner and never into the earth or connections to natural streams.

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