Top Block Glass Window Styles

October 11, 2010

Block glass windows are quite simply a home decorator's dream. If you haven't yet considered using them in your house, perhaps a quick overview of the top block glass windows styles may fill your head with brilliant ideas. Versatile, easy to install and low-maintenance, block glass windows are the accessory you've been looking for.

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Individual Block Glass

Individual glass blocks typically come in 3-inch or 4-inch thicknesses. They are a simple way to create a full wall, partition or decorative room divider. Choose from a full line of specialty glass blocks--perfect for creating an angle, a corner or a radius. Plus; end blocks, end curves and glass caps are perfect for finishing touches.

Block Glass Panels

Preassembled block glass windows panels save you money otherwise spent on time and labor. Block glass panels are ideal for basement windows and other small partition applications. Block glass panels don't have a vinyl frame like most pre-made block glass windows. They are simply individual glass blocks joined by silicone with optional ventilation.

Block Glass Walls

Block glass walls are typically built on-site due to shipping limitations and the need to insure stability. Your only limitations in adding a block glass wall are available space and imagination. You can choose from 3-inch or 4-inch thick block glass to create an interior wall that breaks up a room and provides privacy while delivering natural light.

Block Glass Windows

Preassembled block glass windows are perfect for remodeling or new construction. Simple to install and energy efficient, they are an ideal alternative to storm windows. You can choose from a wide range of distinctly different patterns to dictate the amount of privacy and natural light you can add to any room.

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