Common Block Glass Window Sizes

October 11, 2010

Glass block windows are a great option for just about any home. They can be the perfect solution for a room where you to let in a lot of natural light, but also want to maintain your family's privacy. Glass block windows are also a good choice if you're simply searching for windows that can give a different look to a room or even your entire home and they can be built to slide into just about any sized existing window opening. Block glass window sizes start with a single glass block and go up from there.

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Common Block Glass Window Sizes for your Home

Glass block windows are built just as you would think from their name: out of glass blocks that are attached to each other. The smallest block sizes are usually 6 or 8 inch squares, but other sizes are also available. Glass block window companies use the blocks to build windows that can fit just about any standard sized window opening. Some of the more common block glass window sizes range from 24 inches to 48 inches wide and 24 inches to 48 inches tall, but by adding or deleting glass blocks windows companies can supply block glass window sizes to fit just about any window opening in your house. The unique construction of glass block windows can make them an ideal choice as replacement windows for your home, especially if you have odd sized existing openings.

Custom Block Glass Window Sizes for your Home

Many glass block window companies have the ability to make custom block window sizes for your home if you are having a problem finding standard sized windows to fit your openings. They have thinner glass blocks available if standard won't work and have many glass options ranging from complete clarity all the way to waved or pearled glass for complete privacy.

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