Top Block Glass Window Colors

October 11, 2010

Block glass comes in a range of colors, textures, sizes, and etching. Learn more about top block glass windows colors that can accent, update, and completely change the look of your glass installation.

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Choose Among Top Block Glass Windows Colors

Whether you're looking for just a few accent pieces on an otherwise clear glass wall, or seeking out a wash of colorful blocks that will draw the eye, glass block manufacturers have options for you. Block Glass window colors come in a range of colors, from sea- and glacier-toned blues perfect for a bathroom, to eye-popping reds and other jewel tones that work well as accent colors in a living room wall.

Unique Uses for Block Glass Window Colors

Block glass is a classic choice for translucent shower walls or as part of the outer façade of a building requiring some privacy. But add a little color to the blocks, and make a completely unique statement. Your imagination is the limit with colorful block glass.

Create a modern stained glass style façade by arranging bright multicolored blocks, or dot your shower wall with a rainbow of color. Add a wash of bright color, let the light in, and add privacy to your windows at the same time. Use etching and color to create a modern mural, or choose dichroic blocks that display a spectrum of color in the light. Explore block window glass manufacturers to learn the range of colors, styles, and design ideas.

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