Top Block Glass Window Brands

October 11, 2010

Block glass units are hollow cubes manufactured with a partial vacuum inside. The vacuum impedes the passage of heat, while the diffuse nature of the glass controls how much light gets through. Here are some top block glass windows brands to consider when you're looking for that "perfect" creative touch:

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Glass Block Innovations

  • Provides blocks in six-inch, eight-inch, and twelve-inch (3-4" thickness) sizes that can be sculpted into windows, walls, partitions, enclosures, or even colorful quasi-tables and displays. The company also offers a fiber optic option where light is pumped into the assembly to produce artistic effects. Prices not available online.

Pittsburgh Corning

  • 110497 "Decora" Glass Block: 8"x8"x3" (Pack of ten) priced at approx. $80.
  • 110498 "Decora" Glass Block: 8"x8"x4" (Pack of eight) priced at approx. $95.
  • Decora Block Glass Window: Customizable, solid (no vent), fully assembled by factory, frameless, wave glass block pattern only, real 3-1/4" thick solid glass block. Price: $125.


  • NailUp2 Block Glass Window: 32" x 22", wave pattern with vent and replaceable screen with frame on outside. This brand is real block glass, not plastic. Nail from the INSIDE, or the OUTSIDE, with mortar or silicone. Can be installed at any temperature when using nailing flange and sealing with silicone. Price: $104.

Top block glass windows brands prices are approximate. Inquire about dealer discounts.

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