Window Blinds for Block Glass Windows

October 11, 2010

Block glass windows make a dramatic style statement, featuring opaque or wavy glass and a repeating square pattern. Though the block glass provides some privacy, you'll need window blinds or another covering to block light and visibility completely. Here's a look at options for installing window blinds for block glass windows.

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Installing Window Blinds for Block Glass Windows

Block glass windows can present some unique challenges for window blind installation. Take into account these functional considerations:

Frameless block glass windows

Many block glass window designs are flush with the wall, creating a sleek look and clean lines but removing an interior header for installing window blinds. Solutions for narrow or absent window frame header include:

Hanging blinds from ceiling. To preserve the clean lines of the block glass windows, mount a retracting blind system directly onto the ceiling. This keeps blinds above the windows when open, revealing the stylish block glass beneath.

Installing an exterior wall mount. Window blinds for block glass windows may come with a slider or headrail designed for a wall mount. Since there is no header to disguise the mount, choose a low-profile multiple-blind mounting system.

Apply window tint film. For a subtle window covering effect, apply sun tint film directly to the block glass.

Ventilated block glass windows

Since block glass windows generally can't be opened, many designs include ventilation panels. It's important to choose blinds that allow air flow access through these vents, even when the blinds are closed. Heavy fabric blinds or permanent window coverings encourage moisture condensation and eventually, mold.

Cost of Window Blinds for Block Glass Windows

Ceiling or wall-mounted blinds generally cost about the same as frame-mounted blinds. That said, you might choose to invest more in the appearance of exterior-mounted window blinds, since they will be more visible in the room. Pricing varies widely, ranging from approximately $30 to $100 for standard-sized (32"X48") vinyl or aluminum blinds, to over $100 for wood blinds.

With plenty of wall and ceiling-mounted varieties to choose from, it's not hard to find window blinds for block glass windows.

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