Top Aluminum Window Styles

October 11, 2010

Whether in residential, commercial or industrial buildings, one of the most popular window styles is the aluminum window. It is often the choice for large, panoramic picture windows, due to the comparative strength of aluminum to its light weight. It's easily molded into an array of innovative shapes, resistant to moisture, much more effective than other materials for noise abatement. It's also economical in both purchase price and upkeep.

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Top Aluminum Windows Styles: Where Aluminum Works Best

Aluminum works well in these styles of windows:

  • Casement. Aluminum's slimline appearance and design flexibility make it excellent for windows pivoting from a hinge for good ventilation.
  • Double-hung. This is a high-performance window fitting both residential and commercial settings, showcasing aluminum's excellent structural integrity.
  • Slider. Aluminum's strength and light weight makes it ideal for windows that glide horizontally within horizontal openings.
  • Picture window. Aluminum's benefits of strength and light weight are best showcased in the fixed or picture window, a large, stationary window that cannot be opened. It's also versatile and capable of mixing well with other styles, as when bookended by double-hung windows.
  • Double-hung tilt. Aluminum's light weight is perfect for this window style, in which sashes angle to facilitate cleaning of outside surfaces.
  • Patio Sliding Doors. Lighter weight aluminum is a popular choice in the sliding doors found on many patios and balconies.

When selecting windows, keep in mind that aluminum is not as effective an insulator as vinyl or wood; therefore, it isn't the first choice if energy efficiency is a primary objective, particularly in a region that experiences temperature extremes.

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