Window Shades for Aluminum Windows

October 11, 2010

When searching for window shades for aluminum windows, homeowners are often trying to meet two goals: to increase the energy efficiency of their home and to add a more contemporary style to their rooms. Plenty of window shades and blinds are available that can meet those needs.

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If your utility bills are high or you feel a blast of wintry air from your windows, consider choosing honeycomb or cellular style window shades. These shades have layers of fabric that are pleated in honeycomb shapes. Buyers can choose single, double or triple cell designs, with pleats ranging in size from 3/8 inch to two inches. The layers of fabric add insulation to your windows without adding the weight of heavy draperies or blocking the light. New designs of honeycomb shades are available for your aluminum windows without any exposed cords, a safer design for homes with children.

For buyers in warm climates who simply want to update the look of their aluminum windows with new window shades or blinds, a popular new design trend is to use sheer fabrics that allow more light into the room. Sheer fabrics can be used for blinds and shades and layered for additional privacy. Another contemporary look is to choose metallic blinds for your aluminum windows. Shiny metal mini blinds and venetian blinds can update your kitchen, bath or bedroom windows.

Prices vary widely on window shades for aluminum windows, from as little as $30 for a bargain shade to $300 or higher for a luxury shade.

No matter what budget you set, you should be able to find the right window shades for your aluminum windows.

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