Aluminum Window Prices and Costs

October 11, 2010

Aluminum windows come in quite a few sash styles, so don't think that you're limited in your choices just because you want the low-maintenance, durable alternative that aluminum windows provide. Aluminum windows prices and costs can vary significantly by manufacturer, especially when you factor in options like the manufacturer's reputation, the type of glazing materials such as low-e glass and the number of panes, and the windows' sizes. Whether you're installing your windows yourself or opting for professional installation, there are also installation accessories such as sealants that you should factor into your costs.

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Aluminum Windows: Prices by Size and Style

These prices will give you an idea of what aluminum windows might cost, though size will affect costs considerably. Custom-sized aluminum windows may be available from some manufacturers at no extra cost as all of their windows are made-to-order.

The style of window is related to its purpose. Aluminum louver windows (with slats instead of glazing) are considered single-hung windows, but you typically would want one in your garage or shed, not your family room. These types of aluminum windows cost around $75 for a 2' x 2', and the prices increase with size.

A 2' x 4' aluminum window has a starting price range of $150-200. Once you add in the options you want, you could be looking at considerably more. Some manufacturers charge upwards of $1,000 each for fully-loaded aluminum windows.

You can also get horizontal sliding (or gliding) windows with aluminum frames. A 3' x 4' aluminum slider can cost $100-150 each.

Optional Aluminum Windows Prices and Costs

Though options vary by window manufacturer, your choices might include:

  • Insect screens
  • Custom color
  • Alternative or high-efficiency glazing materials
  • Decorative blinds or grilles or blinds that are either removable, fixed, or placed between panes of glass

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