Top Aluminum Window Colors

October 11, 2010

Picture aluminum windows and you might imagine the silver colored mill finish that characterized the window style's older generations. However, new styles of aluminum windows offer a high strength-to-weight ratio, customizable shapes, and a rainbow of colors designed to help you customize your home renovation project.

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Choosing Top Aluminum Windows Colors

Gone are the days where you have to buy wooden window frames to get the color you want. Today's aluminum window colors offer a truly versatile style. Choose a white or cream color to compliment a classic house paint, or pick a vibrant color that pops against a neutral house. With aluminum windows, you can add style to your home's façade without overextending your renovation budget.

Aluminum Windows Get a Technology Upgrade

The old hassle of easily scratched aluminum is a thing of the past with recent technology. Special anodizing treatments create a porous layer on the metal that can absorb dyes, making your window color more durable against nicks and scratches. Top aluminum windows colors are created to your specifications, and the window frames they cover are designed to last.

Enhance your curb appeal and complete the finished look of your home with aluminum window colors designed to reflect your personal design vision. Many of the old problems of aluminum have been phased out with recent technology, making it even easier to own and maintain these low-hassle windows. With a rainbow of shades to choose from, new aluminum windows represent a new generation of style.

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