Window Blinds for Aluminum Windows

October 11, 2010

The sturdy construction, clean lines, and infinite color selection of aluminum windows makes it easy to find the right window blinds. Nearly any style of blind will work with an aluminum frame.

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Style Ideas for Window Blinds for Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows function as a blank slate for any design look. Window blinds offer an opportunity to add style and personality to the window. Options include:

  • Match color and material. To create a perfectly coordinated look, choose aluminum window blinds that match the aluminum frame precisely. Aluminum blinds come in a wide range of colors.
  • Add warmth with wood. For a more rustic, homey look, opt for wooden window blinds. Play down the aluminum material by painting the frame to match the room's wall color, and let the natural wood of the window blinds set the mood.
  • Install between-the-panes window blinds. Aluminum windows convey a sleek and modern look. You can preserve this clean look by choosing dual-glazed windows with blinds installed between the two panes. Between-pane blinds stay clean and sealed within the window, reducing allergens.

Aluminum windows offer style versatility, giving you the option to play up the modern lines or play down the aluminum with more traditional window blinds.

Installing Window Blinds for Aluminum Windows

The versatility of aluminum windows extends to the installation. Aluminum frames feature a more solid construction than vinyl frames, offering you the option of installing the blinds on the interior of the frame if the window header is too narrow.

Cost Considerations

Window blinds for aluminum windows vary widely depending on the material, style, and brand name. Aluminum and vinyl window blinds offer the best value, with prices ranging from $30 to $100 for a standard 32" X 48" size. Wood blinds can cost $100 to $300 and above, depending on the type of wood and finish.

Aluminum windows offer the ultimate in style versatility, allowing for any window blinds that fit the look of the home.

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