Window Accessories for Aluminum Windows

October 11, 2010

Some window accessory options are determined by the style of the window. Other accessories are available as a matter of installation. Others, still, may be an option through your window manufacturer because of your window's material. Accessories for aluminum windows are typically available, so be sure to check with the manufacturer.

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Pre-Fab Window Accessories for Aluminum Windows

There are several accessories for aluminum windows that you may be able to get from the manufacturer, including:

  • Mullions, or the tiny vertical or horizontal divisions (i.e., the grid), can make a window more visually interesting and match other architectural elements of your home.
  • Interior and exterior trim is available in a wide variety of widths and shapes, but custom trim can be created for your aluminium window to replicate existing trim work.
  • Sills can be ordered in various shapes or can also be custom-made.
  • Panning, particularly for a historical look, is a type of exterior support for existing permiteter window frames to remain in place.
  • Insect screens will let light and air in while keeping critters out.

Other Window Accessories for Aluminum Windows

Though some accessories, such as seals, may be included in the price of installation but be sure to check. You may also need to price out hardware for your aluminum windows. The type of handle or lock you will need depends on the type of window. Many aluminum window manufacturers sell hardware designed to match the color and styles of their windows.

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