Five Advantages to the Aluminum Replacement Window

July 19, 2010

The aluminum replacement window is an overlooked hero in the world of window replacements. Aluminum is tough and attractive when properly installed but isn't often the first choice of many homeowners.

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Consider these five advantages to using aluminum windows that make them an attractive option for even the most discriminate buyer:

  1. Functionality. Aluminum is ideal for moisture-laden spots near the ground that discolor vinyl and rot wood. The light metal won't rust and requires very little maintenance. Aluminum windows are used on basement walls in homes and in many commercial applications but they certainly aren't limited to near-the-ground locations. Businesses and schools often choose the aluminum replacement window over vinyl and wood due to its durability and noise control features.
  2. Cost Savings. Aluminum window prices compete favorably, and often allow for significant savings over window materials. Functionality and practicality are the hallmarks of aluminum windows. Local home improvement suppliers tout these characteristics and sell them to homeowners who want a long-lasting window that won't break the bank when purchased. A comparable vinyl or wood-framed window usually costs more than its aluminum counterpart.
  3. Structural Strength. Aluminum can be customized for existing or new homes and still maintain its strength. This advantage comes into play in creative window configurations that may eliminate the option for other materials.
  4. Thermally-improved Aluminum Design. While most aluminum is not highly energy efficient, the newer thermally-improved aluminum windows are offering a great option. A strip of vinyl or foam is enclosed to separate the inside and outside of the aluminum frame to enhance the window's insulation qualities. This allows homeowners to successfully use aluminum windows where they would not have been practical only a few years ago.
  5. Moisture Resistance. Aluminum excels in being moisture resistant. Home interiors can be kept high and dry when aluminum windows are on the job.

These and other advantages of aluminum replacement windows allow homeowners to take advantage of the quality protection they afford. The bottom line is that money is saved on aluminum window prices, installation is do-it-yourself friendly with the right tools and a little specialized knowledge, and the results can be fabulous.

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