Aluminum Clad Windows: Pros and Cons

July 24, 2010

Aluminum clad windows offer the durability of aluminum and the warmth of wood in one sealed window unit. When you are installing replacement windows, aluminum clad offers the best of both worlds with aluminum on the outside, protecting your window from the elements, but wood on the inside, allowing the freedom to paint it whatever color or stain you choose.

The Pros of Aluminum Clad Windows

Not only is aluminum very durable, it's also extremely strong. In fact, aluminum is many times stronger than wood, and at least three times stronger than traditional vinyl. That strength means that aluminum clad windows can stand up to Mother Nature's harshest conditions.

Aluminum windows are available in a wide range of colors and styles. They can be customized to suit any design you might dream up for your home, or can meet your requirements for replacement windows of any size. Though some might find that custom colors are hard to match to current windows, if you're installing replacement windows throughout your home, color matching is made easy with new windows straight from the factory.

The price of aluminum clad windows is comparable to window costs for other types of frames and glass, and they are available for purchase from leading window retailers, including Pella and Marvin.

The Cons of Aluminum Clad Windows

Just as with other replacement windows, aluminum clad windows have a few downsides. Aluminum is a good conductor of heat, which doesn't make it the best for energy-efficiency. The conduction of heat can allow for easy transference of hot and cold air, as well as some transference of moisture.

However, installing replacement windows with the help of a window contractor can reduce energy loss with the use of excellent weather-stripping and commercial sealants.

Though the aluminum clad window palette might not be as wide-ranging as other options, there are still plenty of customized aluminum windows that can match the exterior colors of your home. And, since the interior of clad windows are made of wood, the options for paints and stains on the inside of your home are limited only by your imagination!

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