Vinyl Sliding Windows - A Better Choice Than Other Window Types

August 05, 2010

Due to their durability and economical price, vinyl sliding windows are often the standard choice for homeowners purchasing new windows for their house. Yet most homeowners never make these choices easily, and sometimes entire days are wasted in a home improvement warehouse while window costs are compared and all the available window options are researched. More often than not though, the "overly-informed" consumer comes back around to a well-made, well-priced vinyl sliding window.

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Here are some reasons why homeowners choose vinyl sliding windows:

  • Unlike aluminum windows, vinyl windows don't show scratches or scuff marks because they have an integrated color which is solid throughout the entire window frame. Painted wood windows and other models with surface coatings tend to show wear and tear more easily.
  • The PVC-vinyl which is used to manufacture vinyl windows is durable and wears well even when exposed to constant UV exposure. Vinyl windows are available in mostly white and other light colors, which helps reduce their solar heat gain, and these neutral colors generally go well with most house designs and aesthetics.
  • Vinyl sliding windows do not open outwards like awning windows or casement windows, so the screens can be installed on the outside of the window, which makes them less visible from the inside of your home.
  • Other than an occasional wipe down with a mild detergent and warm water, vinyl window frames do not need much maintenance nor do they have to be sanded and repainted every few years like wood window frames.
  • Generally speaking a vinyl sliding window costs less than most other types of new windows.
  • When compared with aluminum, PVC vinyl is a better insulating material. This means that vinyl windows may actually help reduce your home's power consumption by increasing its energy efficiency.

When purchasing new windows, you will definitely find many types and styles on display at your local home improvement warehouse, and perhaps you should spend a few minutes looking at the various options, but don't be surprised if you ultimately come back to a well-made standard, the vinyl sliding window.

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