Sliding Windows offer Style and Simplicity

January 04, 2010

Sliding windows make the most of tight spaces and bring in a big convenience factor as well. But can sliding windows make any impact in the style department? You betcha!

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Sliding windows are the best choice for ventilation, unobstructed views and energy efficiency, not to mention convenience. Sliding windows, also called sliders or gliders in the window and door industry, offer quick and easy access to the window opening and tend to be the window of least effort when it comes to operation.

What sliding windows also bring to the design table is the largest operable expanse of window in the window industry. That's no small feat in the style book! The sliding window is the window of choice when your style demand is to offer an expansive view in a prime location. They're the perfect solution to bring the outside to the inside.

You'll notice that sliding glass windows tend to be heavily used in hotels and other commercial settings that want to make the most of valuable vistas. But there's another advantage to sliding glass windows - they offer space efficiency in that they don't require clearance either inside or outside the location. This makes it the optimum choice in settings where you don't want a casement window obstructing passage when opened.

Sliding windows offer up a range of low profile frames that make the most of the expanse of the glass. When the style of the location depends highly on the view that's being offered, sliding windows bring that exterior style to the interior of the room.

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