Sliding Window Solutions for Energy Efficiency

January 05, 2010

Sliding windows have had a bad rap in the window industry in the past. Sliding windows offer what is known in the industry as a sliding seal. It's the same type of seal that's used in a double hung window, and unfortunately it is considered the least energy efficient type of weather seal.

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Manufacturers have realized this disadvantage in sliding windows and have stepped up to the plate and offered more energy efficient seals in sliding windows. Along with the better seal, more energy efficient glass is being used. Glass upgrades that improve energy efficiency include:

  • Double paned glass that offers not only thicker glass, but can have a layer of argon gas between the panes to offer an invisible barrier to improve insulation;
  • Triple paned glass options that consist of three layers of glass, the exterior glass, a layer of gas, a thin middle layer of glass, a second layer of gas, and the interior layer of glass. The gas acts as insulation to slow the transfer of heat or cold through the window;
  • Low E (the E stands for emissivity) glass can not only reduce the effect of harmful ultra violet rays which can cause sun fade to fabrics, furnishings and rugs, but it increases the energy efficiency of the glass.

Sliding windows that offer an increased energy efficiency can achieve the Energy Star rating. Not only does this mean that your sliding glass window will offer more in the way of energy savings, but it can qualify you for a tax credit of 30% of the cost of the windows.

So the answer to the question of energy efficiency in sliding windows is a definite yes for replacement sliding windows.

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